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LET Reviewer (Licensure Examination for Teachers). General Psychology. Philippine Normal University. present. ➢ Values Education Teacher. Secondary. Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) is a PRC-regulated exam . May idea po kayo kung may free pdf reviewers po bang available dito?. MAPEH MAJOR (LET REVIEWER-PNU) March has members.

Analyze the items using the first 5 items as your sample.

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Write only the letter of your choice in your answer sheet. Which of the following statements has a very limited definition of educational tech- - nology? It is a profession composed of various job categories.

It refers to the computers used for teaching and learning. It indudes audiovisual materials, interactive multimedia and self-instrucHonal materials. It is the development, application, and evaluation of systems, techniques and aids to improve human teaming. Answer:B The answer is letter B because it is confined to computers only.

Which of the following statements is correct, about the domains of educational technology?

Design is the production stage while development is the planning stage, B. Both the design and development are the planning stage.

Evaluation is synonymous with implementation. Utilization Is the actkxi-phase. Letter A is incorrect because the words design and development were inter- changed. Letter C is incorrect because evaluation is not synonymoos tfith implementation. Gomez is planning to integrate technology in her Mathematics class. Which'of the following would be the logical steps in doing this? Set tfte objectives II.

GAZA A. They describe language as regularities and patterns, or rules in language structure. To them, language is a system of speech sounds, arbitrarily assigned to the objects, state of concepts to which they refer, used for human communication. Language is a means of communication: It is an interchange and interaction between human of their ideas, beliefs, or feelings.

Language is primarily vocal: It is made up of vocal sounds only produced by speech apparatus in the human body. Writing is only the graphic representation of the sounds of tha language. While most languages have writing systems, a number of languages continue to exist, even today in the spoken form utterance , without any written form.

Language is speech and is considered as the primary medium, thus speech priority is necessary in language teaching. Language is a system of systems: Language is not a disorganized combination of the linguistic elements. Sounds are arranged in certain fixed or established systematic order Phonological — Morphonological units to form meaningful units or words Morphonological - Semantic units.

Language is a structurally related elements for encoding meaning where these elements combined is cognizant to linguistic rules. Language is arbitrary: There is no inherent relation between the words of a language and their meaning as ascribed on the ideas conveyed by them.

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The is no interrelational correspondence between the structure of a word and the thing it stands for. There is no reason why an animal that flies is called ibon in Filipino, pajaro in Spanish, and bird in English Selection of words in languages is purely accidental in conception that native language speakers have agreed on.

Through time, reference to such words has been conventionally established and cannot easily be changed. The language is arbitrary means that the relationship between the words and the things they denote is merely conventional, i. Language is a mental a phenomenon: It is not mechanical.

Language is innate: The presence of language acquisition device LAD predisposews all normal children to acquire language in a short period of time.

Language is universal: In a sense that all normal children the world over acquire a mother tongue, and in a highly abstract level, it share the similar key features in all human languages. Language is creative: It enables us to produce and understand sentences we have not heard nor used before.

It is a tool for creating and maintaining social relations. Language teaching content, in this view is specified by patterns of exchange and interaction. It regards language learning as a behavior like other forms of human behavior and not a product of mental phenomenon Structuralism.

Language is learned by a process of habit formation; since it is viewed as mechanistic and as a human activity, it is believed that learning the language is achieved by building up habits on the basis of stimulus response chains. Behaviorism emphasizes the consequences of the response and argues that it is the behavior that follows a response which reinforces it, and thus helps to strenghten the association. The behaviorist claim that the three crucial elements of learning are: The stimulus, which serves to elicit behavior; the response, triggered by the stimulus; and reinforcement, which serves to mark the response as being appropriate or not and encourages the repetition or suppresion of the response.

Cognitive Learning Theory: Chomsky argues that language is not acquired by children by imitation and through a form of conditioning on reinforcement and reward. He believes that all normal beings have an inborn biological internal mechanism that makes language learning possible.

One important feature of the mentalist account of second language acquisition is hypothesis testing, a process of formulating rules and testing the same time with competent speakers of the target language. Learning — the conscious process of knowing about language and enable to talk about it; it occurs in a more formal situation where the properties of a language are taught.

Langauge learning has traditionally involved grammar and vocabulary learning.

Local error understandable — The children is playing. Error in logic B. The Natural Order Hypothesis: It suggests that grammatical strucctures are acquired in a predictable order for both children and adults, that is, certain grammatical structures are acquired before others, irrespective of the langauge being learned.

When a learners engages in natural communication, then the standard order below will occur. Group 1 Present Progressive — ing She is running.

Plural — s These are tables. Group 4 Regular Past — ed She played yesterday. Third Person Singular — s She plays every day. The Monitor Hypothesis: Claims that conscious learning of grammatical rules has an extremely limited function in language performance: as a monitor or editor that checks output. The monitor is an editing device that may normally operate before language performance. Such editing may occur before the nattural output or after the output via a correcting device.

Krashen suggests that monitoring occurs when there is sufficient time, where there is pressure to communicate correctly and not just convey meaning, and when the appropriate rules are known.

The Input Hypothesis: Krashen proposes that when learners are exposed to grammatical feartures a little beyond their current level i. Acquisition results from somprehensible input, which is made understandable with the help provided by the context. If the learners receive understandable input, language structures will be naturally acquired.

Ability to communicate in a second language emerges rather than directly put in place by teaching. The Affective Filter Hypothesis: Filter consists of attitude to language, motivation, self confidence and anxiety. Thus learners with favorable attitude ande self confidence have a low filter which promotes language learning.

Learners with a low affective filter seek and receive more input, interact with confidence, and are more receptive to the input they are exposed to. On the otherhand, anxious learners have high affective filters which prevents acquisition from taking place. They are also characterized by mechanical habit-formation teaching done through endless practice: sentence pattens are repeated and drilled until they become habitual and automatic to minimize occurences of mistakes.

Grammar is taught through analogy, hence explanations of rules are not given until the students have practiced a pattern in a variety of contexts. Cognitive Learning theory has triggered the cognitive approach to learning that puts language analysis before language use and instruction by the teacher, before the students practice forms. It is compatible with the view that learning is a thinking process, a belief that underpins cognitive-based and schema-enhancing strategies such as Direct Reading Thinking Activity, Story Grammar, Think-Aloud, to name a few.

These methods are learner-centered, allowing members to work in pairs or groups in information gap tasks and problem-solving activities where such communication strategies as information sharing, negotiation of meaning, and interaction are used.

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The view that language learning is both cognitive and affective has given rise to a holistic approach to language learning or whole-person learning which spawned humanistic techniques in language learning and Community Language Learning. Teachers must continuously deliver at a level understandable by learners. Teaching must prepare learners for real life communication situations.

Classroom must provide conversational confidence so that when in the outside world, the students can cope with situations and continue learning. Teachers must ensure that learners do not become anxious or defensive in language learning. The confidence of a language learner must be encouraged in a language acquisition process.This would be a great review supplement.

Hello po pwede makahingi ng answer key? Language is innate: The presence of language acquisition device LAD predisposews all normal children to acquire language in a short period of time. The closer you are to the base. IJAR Journal. To further determine in which particular skill s her pupils are weak. Sir may na.

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