Thanks. Please forward comments to: Ken Zrobok. SCJP2, SCJD2, SCWCD. [email protected] Java Developer / Trainer I bought a few books covering the exam, but Manning's SCWCD Exam Study Kit stood out direct all the requests ending to pdfGeneratorServlet. This book is a study guide for any candidate preparing for the new Java EE 5 Component Developer (SCWCD) Study Guide (Mikalai Zaikin) · PDF Format.

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SCWCD Study Guide / Materials for SCWCD 5 Sun Certified Web Component Developer Study Companion: SCWCD Java EE 5 (exams and ) . The training materials on this page are taken from Marty's live SCWCD exam The PDF versions of the tutorials are freely available to anyone for personal use. . Servlet and JSP Training Courses · Recommended Servlet & JSP Books. More Servlets & JSP book: For full SCWCD preparation , please see JSP SCWCD Training:

Appendix B con- tains a sample web.

In appendix D, you will find the Quick Prep, a summary of key concepts and helpful tips that you can review as part of your last-minute exam preparations.

How each chapter is organized After the introductory chapters in part 1, each chapter begins with a list of the exam objectives that are discussed within it, along with the chapter sections in which each objective is addressed.

In some of the chapters, the order of the objectives departs slightly from the original Sun numbering to better correspond to the way the topics within the chapters have been organized. As you read through the chapters, you will encounter Quizlets about the material you have just read. Try to answer the Quizlet without looking at the answer; if you are correct, you can feel confident that you have understood the concepts.

At the end of each chapter, you will find review questions that will help you to eval- uate your ability to answer the exam questions related to the objectives for the chapter.

The answers to these questions are in appendix C.


Code conventions Italic typeface is used to introduce new terms. Courier typeface is used to denote code samples, as well as elements and attributes, method names, classes, interfaces, and other identifiers.

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Bold courier is used to denote important parts of the code samples. Code annotations accompany many segments of code.

Line continuations are indented. Any corrections to code will be updated on an ongoing basis. Also available for download is the abbreviated version of the JWebPlus exam sim- ulator which contains a practice exam.

It keeps closely to the objectives and the questions are well structured and relevant. If a topic is central to JSP technology but not covered by the Web component developer exam it makes it clear that the information is only included for completeness.

An example of this is Chapter 18, filters which is an important new JSP technology but not on the exam. The people who wrote it are behind a commercial exam simulator JWebPlus and I suspect that the feedback they received from that has helped create such good quality questions and associated text.


The proof reading, layout and accuracy is very good. The entire text of the book is included in pdf format with the included CD.

Although it is horrible to read a book from the screen, it is very useful to be able to do a complete search of the text. The CD also contains a copy of tomcat4 and the JwebPlus exam simulator with 3 entire sample exams. You will of course need to know about Java before you start. My copy of this book is now well thumbed and "dog eared" and am confident it will get even more grubby and well handled in the future.You don't just pass the new J2EE 1.

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Once again, like the SCJP, you are allowed to review the question s if you have some extra time towards the end. Understanding the role of servlets Evaluating servlets vs.

Updated source code here. Code conventions Italic typeface is used to introduce new terms.

Networking and Communications. You will learn a lot more by doing exercises in conjunction with reading the tutorials than by reading alone. And when you're through with the book, you can take a brand-new mock exam, created specifically to simulate the real test-taking experience.