DRIVE. Written by. Hossein Amini. Based on the novel by. James Sallis. Green Revisions – Yellow Revisions – Pink Draft. Drive Screenplay by Hossein Amini - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File ( .txt) or read online for free. Screenplay from the motion Picture. All rights. Drive (). Wri(en by Hossein Amini. Based on the novel by James Sallis. Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn. Running me: 96 minutes. BASIC SCREENPLAY.

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Mulholland Drive Pilot - The Screenplay. Typed (well, scanned actually) by Mike Dunn About the formatting: I've tried to retain as close as possible the formatting. drive me crazy screenplay pdf drive me crazy screenplay Christopher Nolan Screenplays Christopher Nolan is one of the greatest filmmakers of his generation. The PLACARD mounted on top says "WINDSOR DRIVING. SCHOOL." We hear a We're watching a driving instruction film made in the 60's. A.

Those are easy to fix; fixing theme, plot, and character is not! They basically shot the scripts I read. Then there are movies that are practically silent like A Space Odyssey; or really any script by Charlie Kaufman. I also read the comic. If you have a personal connection to something, or you think you have something to contribute to a new version, then have at it.

I am just not nearly as well-versed in the canon to make a great horror film. I think a lot of unlikability for the audience is born out of flat characters.

So, I want it all: satisfaction and more questions. Send me these scripts, please! The country is dumb enough without our cooperation. Also, making movies out of TV series. It shows a depressing lack of confidence in market, and an overreliance on marketing.

It depends on the genre.

But always remember that your test number is highly determined by the feeling at the end of the movie. I learned this working on Risky Business. Personally, I want to make nothing that reminds me of Trump. It gave women, regardless of ethnicity or background, an aspirational feeling of being free. He puts his jacket on and takes the motor with him, he goes out. They both stare each other for a moment. She smiles at this.

Suddenly she turns around as she hears her apartment door open.

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Standard stands there with Benicio, holding a bag of trash, he pauses, then smiles. He grins at his wife, then looks over at Driver, his smile hiding whatever he feels inside. Benicio's told me about you Driver seems unsure how to respond. While Driver smiles for Benicio, Driver only nods. As Standard takes this as an answer he turns to Irene.

I like it.. As Irene looks at Driver quietly, an awdward silence. Standard still analyzing Driver with his eyes in silent. Irene get closer. As Standard turns to his son. As they pass the corridor, Benicio carries the garbage bag, Standar follows, Irene and Driver staring at each other with a quiet smile. As Standard comes back, Driver just left. Broding movie starts look down from the billboards. Driver is in his car now, soft rock music playing on the radio.

Standard is helping his son get ready to school, interacting with him affectionately. Irene watches tham from the doorway, looking thoughful. The corporate signage has been scraped off the race car and the seats ripped out. Bernie Rose has bouhgt his partner Nino to the garage to take a look of his investment. Out of my pocket. That's just the shell. You start with the shell, then you built the frame, then the motor. The money goes in the inside not the outside.

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NINO Fuck that. If I'm gonna blow three hundred I wanna make sure everyone can see it. Go waste your money on something else Shannon smiles nervously, worried Nino's going to sabotage his deal with Bernie. NINO pointing to a thunderbird Shannon sells the car..

At the far end of the garage Driver hears them laughing, too busy working on his car to pay any attention. Shannon opens the door of the Thunderbird and invites Nino to take a seat.

She's more comfortable than a water bed. He sits heavily in the car and starts prodding and pressing all the control buttons as if he wants to break them. NINO What does this fucking thing do? NINO How about this lottle clint? I don't know whether to fuck it or drive it. Fuck it, I'll drive it.

Bernie Rose shakes his head at his partner's foul language then looks away, observing Driver quietly. Driver applies a blow torch to his car, so absorbed in his work he doesn't hear Bernie Rose approach. S How you doing? Driver hears him and turns off the blow torch, standing up respectfully. Bernie Rose gives him a friendly smile. Don't wanna make promises you cannot keep..

Driver smiles but doesn't respond. Bernie Rose finds him as hard to talk to as everyone else. Across the garage, Nino sits in the T-Bird with Shannon, still fucking with him. Bernie watches them. Driver shakes his head. Interesting pictures. Kind of European. Shannon arranged the cars for us and did all the stunts. I knew he was overchanging me but I loved having him around. His next business venture he tried the same thing some of Nino's friends they broke his spine.

He never had much luck He's about to continue when they're interrupted by a familiar voice. S Hey! Driver turs around and sees Irene's husband, Standard, heading towards him with a confident smile. Bernie Rose barely raises his voice but it's full of quite manace and authority, Standard pauses, stung, but instinctively senses this is someone you don't want to mess with. So do I Driver nods Bernie Rose studies him a moment, then finally walks away. Driver senses the quite pride in his voices, and lets it go.

Something cheap and fast. Even thought he smiles Driver senses just a hint of tension on his handsome face DRIVER pointing to a car Something like that Buck over there'll cost you nine grand but there isn't much point in a city where you can't drive faster than sixty five. Standard considers the car a moment, something clearly bothering him, the looks back at Driver. Driver isn't quite sure what to respond. It's a thinly veiled message that he's back and here to stay.

Driver stares back at him when Shannon emerges from the garage with Bernie Rose and Nino calling out. Come say goodby, the money people are leaving.

Driver and Standard stare at each other a moment longer then Driver breaks off. As they continue their banter, Driver glances as Standard. He's walking back to his car, dialing someone on his cellphone. Passing traffic blurs past. Throught the windows of a Mexican restaurant we see Irene at work, serving in her waitress uniform.

Driver's parked across the street, watching her from his car. He hesitates, conflicted, then finally gets out of the car.

She looks surprised to see him, but pleased, serving her table first then heading over. Their eyes stay on each other, oblivious to the noise. You must have been pretty busy? I just wanted to see how you were? His concern touches her and makes her uncomfortable at the same time. Standard thinks he may have found a job so I can give up my night shift.. Driver stares back at her with the intnese gaze.

From the way she says it she could almost be talking about herself. His gentle gaze is finally too excusing herself. Driver watches her walk away, lost in thought. Irene piles some plates of tacos on her tray, bracing herself to go back out and face Driver -- but when she finally walks out again he's no longer there.

Driver leans out of his car window and inserts a key to open the gates of the underground park. Driver cruises past the mysterious group and winds his way further down the car park.

Sudddenly he notices something else in the shadows. A figure lies sprawled against one of the pillars.

A smaller figure kneels a feet away. Driver stops his car now, climbing out to see what's happened The prone figure groans in pain. As Driver approaches he realizes it's Standard. His face is covered in blood and he clutches his ribs. The smaller figure is Benicio. He stares at his father helplessly. Then looks up at Driver in tears. Driver kneels beside Standard, checking nothings broken. Driver glances at Benicio. He looks terrified. Standard raises his head painfully and looks at his son.

This is between you and me. Benicio nods, too choked up to speak, Standard turns to Driver. I don't want Irene to come home and see me like this.. As he turns off the tap he notices how neatly Driver's laid out his toothbrush, shaving crea and razor.

He finally turns around and looks at Driver. He's still shaken but tries to pass it off with a smile. Driver watches him, uncovinced. Standard looks at him in surprise now. Driver doesn't answer, waiting for him to continue. Standard hesitates, still not sure whether to trust him. Standard takes another glance at the items laid out neatly by the sink. I told them I couldn't pay so they want me to do a job for them but I'm not gonna do it..

Standard stares back at him. I tried to back out tonight, they said they'd come after Irene and Benicio next time Driver stares at him in surprise now, more concerned than he shows.

Irene finds out I fucked up again I'll lose everything He sounds upset, angry with himself. Driver stares at his battered face and the blood stains on his t-shirt, then walks out of the bathroom to check on Benicio.

The little boy nods without turning around, still frightened by his ordeal. Benicio shakes his head, trying to hide his tears. Drive heads over, then stops as he notices something in Benicio's hand. The little boy is clutching it as if he's afraid to let go.

Benicio holds out his hand to reveal a small bullet.

Driver stares ar it. Then looks at him. Driver gaze at the little boy's frightened face in concern now, his eyes faraway, thinking to himself. Driver takes the bullet and keeps deeth in pocket. Standard sits next to Driver, holding his ground even though he's clearly intimidated by the Albanian. I can't do something like this on my own. He grins, looking at Driver now.

Blanche doesn't even seem to hear them, hung-over from the previous night. COOK You look like you're hard to work with? COOK What's to understand?

7 Hollywood Gatekeepers on What They Look for in a Script

It's my score, either you sign it or don't Driver stares at him quietly, finding it hard to conceal his contempt. That's all I do. Blanches gets up, before Cook can respond.

COOK Where are you going? Sit down, his eyes still fixed on Driver Standard, why don't you hire a fucking taxi cab? COOK So, what does he mean? Driver looks him calmly in the eye. I don't take part, I don't carry weapons I drive. Standard seems surprised by Driver's professional patter. So does cook. Even Blanche looks interested for once. COOK Leave us alone, we need to talk.

Standard hesitates, but has no choice. As he leaves to fentch with Blanche, cook stars to write something down on the palm of his hand. COOK Okay, here's the deal. This much for Blanche. This mych for that asshole minus what he owes me, and this much for you..

He holds up the palm of his hand to Driver, the words "Fuck off" written in marked pen. COOK You still interested?

Driver looks at him, all his instincts telling him to walk away, but he stays where he is, thinking of Irene and Benicio. COOK Good, anything else? Driver stares back at him with clear blue eyes.

He's debt is paid. You leave him, and you never go near to his family again. Cook looks surprised at first, then laughts at his nerve. COOK Whatever you say, boss. The midday sun beats down on a maze of cars. Driver strolls past rows of glittering vehicles until he spots an old model Mustang.

Standard's in high spirits beaming at his wife. Stnadard is still fixed on his kid. The kid shakes his head. I was such a jerk the first time we met. We're at this party and I see the most beautiful girl I ever laid eyes on and I walk over and say.

Hello miss. My name is Standard He laguhts to himself awdarwdly, then looks at Irene. Irene smiles awdardly, glacing at Driver, Benicio grins, eager to pleased his father. Standard ruffles his son's hair then pours himself another shot os tequila. Irene notices he's drinking, turning to Driver.

Standard sees the look between them but his only reaction is to drain his glass and tuck into his food. Driver sees the deep concern in her eyes and feels more torn.

Irene gets up, clearing away some plates. They both car as if retreat from the world, listening to Finding his balance again in the infamiliarity ritual. Standard prepares his gun. Store front. Driver's parked the car a hundred yards from the entrace. Driver watches him, crossing the street with a strong sense of foreboding.

Standard enters the pawn shop. Driver stars his stopwatch now, lsitening to the second tick away The white hot sun blazes down, reflecting on the pawn shop window hiding everything inside.

Driver listens to his stop watch. In front of is Blanche. He notices something. Suddenly parked one hundred yards down the road he sees another vehicle glinting in the sunlight. It's a chrysler. With reinforced bumpers and racing tires. Suddenly Blanche is gone. Driver fixed at the pawn shop entrace. Driver looks away from the Chrysler 30 seconds past and Blanche emerge with a big black gym bag in her hand.

She gets in the car, and sits in the back seat. When suddenly he hears the the crack of gunshops behind him. Crounching low in an expert firing position he squeezes off several shots. The force of the bullet sends Standard flying.

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Driver sees him hit the sidewalk, arterial blood pumping from his neck. Blanche screams, grabbing the gym bag. Driver hesitatess, takes one last look at Standard's lifeless body, then hits the gas as more gunshots crack behind him. As driver's car roars down the street, the Chrysler suddenly come to life, pullling out of its parking place, shadowing the Driver. It doesn't seem to be trying to be closer the gap, screeching off in pursuit. Driver floor the gas.

On speed and power vehicle may be no match for the Chrysler, but in the traffic the odds are even. He waves his way past the slower cars, putting obstacles between himself and the Chryler.

The pursuit car matches him move for move staying on his tail. In the back seat, Blanche looks terrified, buckling herself in. Driver swerves left then suddenly makes a hard right onto a deserted canyon road. The mustang somehow menage to make the same turn. It gets close enought to "pit" Driver, its nose pressing against the rear corner of Driver's vehicle.

Driver's almost run off the road, but manages to save it and regains control to his car. The Mustang pulls out wide to build momentum and smash into him.

As it moves in to deliver the knockout blow, Driver pulls the Emergency Brake and spins degress, causing the Mustang to miss and lose control for a brief moment. Now the two cars are nose to nose, barrelling down the road, Driver heading in reverse as fast as he can, the Mustang closing fast. It rams Driver's front bumper.

The two cars separated for an instant. The mustang guns it, ready to smash into Driver again Driver clocks an upcoming three way intersection dotted with construction equipment. In a last ditch attempt to avade his pursuer he throws a reverse , then incredibily keeps. The mustang tries to make the same turn, but this time the maneuver is beyond his ability.

Driver's suckered him into a corner he can't control. The mustang crashes into the construction equipment in a sickening crunch of metal to metal. Driver guns to motor and speeds away. There are literally stacks of hundred dollar bills crammed inside the the gym ball.

Blanche sits on the bed, looking pale. So how about this from now on every word at your mouth is the trut As blanche stars to cry, Driver push her stronger. Do you understand?

As Driver takes his hand a little away, enough to let her talk. But he didn't say anything about all this body As Blanche tears falls apart, Driver still serious and where he is. As Driver takes his hand off, she gets up, and walks to the bathroom the door is open, as Driver sits over the bed, notices something on the bed where she's just been lying.

It's her cellphone. Still flipped open as if she's called someone recently. Driver reaches for the cellphone when he notices the silhoutte of a Man crossing the curtains. Someone's outside. The door handle of the motel room starst to turn, slowsly -then suddenly the roar of a shotgun from the bathroom.

Driver reacts in an instant, rushing towards the bathroom door. He has to barge it open, something obstructing his way. One quick glance and he knows she's dead half her head blown off. Another quick glance and he sees her killer a big burly HITMAN, trying to climb through the same bathroom window where he just shot her.

Driver moves like lightning, grabbing the man's arms before he can get off another shot and pulling him through the window. The hitman lands heavily in a sea of broken glass, cutting his forehead open, Driver takes his opportunity and slams the man's face back, stunning him for a few more seconds as they struggle.

Crawling away. He grabs the towel rack and pulls the metal bar off the wall. Using it as a. Driver burns through the bathroom door at the same time -firing the 1st shooter's shotgun. The force of the blast picks up the 2nd hitman and flings him against the wall like a rag doll.

The startling explosion of violence is over just as suddnely as it began. Driver slumps to the floor is exhaustion, his hand and his arm ripped by the broken glass. There's blood splatter all over the wall. Neon lights from outside flashing on the dead man's face. But no panicked footsteps or sirens yet. Driver crawls over to the dead hitman and rifles through his pocket. All he finds are a set of car keys. He's leaning agaisnt a car. S I'm hurt a need a doctor to patch me up An underworld doctor DOC, a shabbily dressed old man who looks well past his prime takes out a small bottle of scoth along with his surgical tools, preparing for Driver's arrival.

Shannon watches him uncertainly then heads downstairs as he hears a noise in the garage. Shannon arrives downstairs to see Driver walking unsteadily towards him in the gloom. Shannon can't help glacing at his hands, expecting him to be carrying the bag with money, but there's no sign of it. Scissoring Driver's blood soaked shirt away Doc examines the shards of glass embedded in his arm, then notice the deep scars running down his back. Sunlight pours thorugh a doorway.

Driver heads down stairs passing some half naked strippers at the bar, Driver turns down into a long corridor. A stripper emerge from their changing room, surprised to see him. Driver turns left as he heads toward the dressing room, Driver takes a hammer out of his jacket. As Driver enters smashing him across the hand, three times as Cooks falls in the floor, some of the strippers remain sit. As Driver kneels over Cook's stomach he takes the Bullet benicio gave him.

Putting it into the middle temple. COOK Don't worry they're gonna come get it. As Driver takes the hammer, ready to hit him again, Cook falls tears apart. As the stripper Cook was tocuhing some moments before, dialing at the cellphone, Driver show him the bullet, and opens Cook mouth with the hammer. As Driver puts the bullet into the space between the hammer and the mouth, the shuts it.

Making Cook swallow the bullet. As the stripper closes and give him the phone we hear the waiting, as at the other end we hear. S Hello? Driver waits a fragmented second to reply. S stiffning Can I ask what's this is about? S And that would be? S Please hold.. There is a 2nd pause.

As we hear another voice stronger. S You've got something belongs to me. As Driver hears the voice he grins the hammer, taking a deep brath. NINO And you're calling me why?

NINO O. S And what you get out of it? Out of it. Nino's thinking to himself, looking more concern than he sounds. S Your partner is happy with that? S You've discuss this with anybody else? S You're not very good at this are you? Driver switches the cellphone off. Nino hags up. Behind him we see the hitman of Nino. Waiting for orders. NINO We would check out who this guy is..

The hitman nods. Caressing Benicio's hair softly. She left benicio's bedroom and head to the living room. Irene is sitting on a couch next to Cindy Benicio caretaker , as we hear someone knocking at the door.

Irene gets up and head the door.

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As cindy gaze curiously. As she opens the door. It's Driver. As Driver seems devastated by her sight.

She turns to take her handbag. She press the elevator button. As she turn to him in concern. He ask me for my help I'm sorry. As she breaths faster, he shakes his head, swallowing saliva. This is hard for both. You can have it if you want it to She turns around and slaps him hard.

Her eyes well up with tears, staring at him in anger and frustration.. I can come with you, I can look out for you.. As we hear the elevator door opens, we recognize Nino's hitman.

He smiles pretending to be confused. As the light on the panel descent, Driver notices the gun in the hitman's pocket as he tries to take Irene apart, he kiss her passionately, the lights on then as everything dark, as they stay on each other, Driver moves faster, beating hitma's head against the wall.

Then throwing in the floor as the hitman falls Irene takes distance. As Driver hits hitman's face with the sole of his shoe, several times smashing him, then force the shattering skull in blood. Irene's watching, stunned by the up and runs out of the elevator.

Drive screenplay pdf s

The elevator Irene's from view. Driver is waiting for him by his own car, silhouetted against the street light. Shannon stares at him a moment, then notices the blood stains on his jacket.

Bernie I asked if he could help. Him and Nino are like brothers. I told him you weren't intersted in the money, that you only did it for the girl As Driver widly approaches his hand over Shannon, worried about Irene. I'm killing you, you've told them As Shannon getting scared, he tries to calm down. Driver releases Shannon, as he takes distance.

As Shannon doesn't want to hear this, he shakes his head. Shannon takes this slowly. He is stand up while Cook is sit over a table and Nino is over the bar. You should have taken your money and left this guy alone. As Nino devastated by the eforce of Bernie. As Cook interrups we see his both hand broken. Bernie Rose waits for Nino to explain.

They money belonged to a half assed wiseguy from philly. I had a tip-off he was keeping a million in a pawn shop and was gonna invest here in L. Trying to run a rival operation NINO No I stole from a jumped up punk who was gonna step between ranch.. While cook tries to eat a pizza, with his broken hands. Nino looks embarased for once. I'm involve now.. NINO What family? The family that still calls me a fuckin kike, to my face.

I'm fifty nine years old, Bernie, they pinch my fucking cheek and treat me like a kid And your pla Shannon are the only two guys who can tie me this robbery. Bernie at hear this, devastated by the posibility of killing his friend. They act as if Cook didn't exist. Then Bernie suddenly grabs a stainless steel fork and rams it in his eye. As Cook screams, Benrie takes a knife and buries it in his neck, Nino turns he fear to see. Bernie twists deeper for a good measure, then with one powerful sweep of his arm clears Cook off the table.

In the background we see a director blocking out, Driver walks past without even a glance heading towards the make-up trailer. He opens the door and walks in, looking around the. He heads into the main garage then suddenly stops. Bernie Rose stands beside the stock car, waiting for him. Shannon it's back luck. My partner's a belligerent asshole with his back against the wall. Right now so am I. I don't take care of this I'm in big trouble He stares at his old friend, closer.

Belize that's where I'd go.. Bernie Rose smiles, not believing a word. I think we could have made something of this business. Shannon hesitates but smiles reconciled with himself, Bernie Rose grins and extends his hand. They shake hands firmly, like old friends, when suddenly Shannon recoils, as if he's been stung. We see now that his shirt sleeve is covered in blood, his vein cut all the way from his elbow to his wrist.

He looks dazed, paralyzed by the shock. Bernie Rose holds a razor knifein his hand, the blade wet with Shannon's blood.

He takes Shannon gently by the arm and sits him down against the bood of the stock car. Shannon stares out numbly. Bernie Rose washing the blade of the razor. He replaces the razor knife in a small lacquered box full of other knives. From next door he can hear his neighbors arguing again. He sits on the couch and sees his hand full of blood, ashamed. Driver pulls open the garage door and sees the row of vintage cars shimmering in the shafts of sunlight.

As he heads past the vehicle he suddenly spots a figure slumped against the stock car. Shannon's eye have been closed. His head resting gently against the trunk car. Driver kneels down and carresing Shanno's face he is falling apart inside, he turns back and opens the car boot now, revealing the black gym bag full of money. Two big lincoln Towncars are parked outside.

Across the road we recognize Driver's car, as he watches quitely Nino in the bar. He goes out the car, as he opens the trunk. When he closes it again we see that he's wearing the eerily convincing SFX mask. He crossed the road watching closely from the pizza's entrace window. We hold. Getting ready for an event As we see Driver looking through the glass darkly, his mind calculating. Nino emerge with his bodyguard now, heading towards one of the Lincolns.

Across the road Driver climb into his car, still wearing the mask, he starts his car, setting off after Nino's Lincoln. Driver drifts in behind a couple of other cars, keeping them between himself and the Licoln. The neon lights fading over. The cityscape has come to life and the streets are a sea of glittering lights. Driver slows down and lets another car turn in front of him, keeping it between himself and Nino's car.

Driver cruises along another residential street. At a new intersetion a canyon desolated street, the Lincoln heading in the same direction down parallel street. Driver overtakes the Lincoln, speeding ahead.

Driver puts his foot on the gas, taking sharp turn on small side streets, driving fast around the block until he's back on Lincoln's tail, hiting the back bumper. As the car loss control, branch off the road. As the car, cover by sand, and dust. NINO What do fuck was that?

As the Chauffeur, goes out, looking around, Driver car with its lights off. Driver rams the Lincoln at over a hundred miles an hour hitting car, as it lifted up in the air and spuns round at the same time as we see Nino bloodied but still live he gets out the car. Driver gets out the car, looking over the mountain, down Nino draging, Driver calmly walking over the pulverized Lincoln. He sees Nino stumbling off towards the beach but doesn't hurry after him yet.

Nino stumbles through the sand, dragging for his life now. Fear clouds reason and he staggers towards the crashing waves. Driver slows down as he watches the ganster wade into the ocean, a pathetic last attempt to evade him. The crashing waves and the undertow are an impenetrable wall. Every time Nino tries to wade out further, and the ocean drags him back.

Driver silhouetted against the white sand. Nino trapped into the ocean. Then Driver wades out into the water, Nino has no fight left in him, staring at the masked man.

Driver grabs at him by the throat, forcing his head under the water. Driver keeping it there until Nino's body finally stops thrashing. He walks to the back of the car, He's on the cellphone as we hear a voice at the other end of the line. S I thing this has go far enought! S You see any reason to continue S Well You, me and your girlfriend are the only players left. How is that for a reason? DO you know where is it? As we see the cityscape, with neon light as Driver among streets in his Malibu.

As Driver devastated by the only possible get away, we hear his voice on the cellphone while he's driving by we don't see him talking, just he and Irene talking in itercuts. I won't keep you long Irene is dress up in her waitress uniform in her living apartment.

S I have to go somewhere I don't think I can come back. As Irene touch her lips, feeling his voice. S But I just want you to know getting near around you and Benicio As her eyes with tears, she hans out. Driver sits gazing at his eyes. As Driver fixed his eyes at Bernie's. Deadly enemies but kindred spirits of a kind. I can't offer you the same You star the rest of your life.. Any dreams you have, plans or hopes for your future. I think you would have to put that on hold, for the rest of your life you are gonna be looking over your shoulder.

I'm just telling you this because I wanted you know the thrut. But the girl is safe. Driver's car is parked at the back of the parking lot, half hidden by the fence area for garbage. As Bernie stares at Driver anxious. Driver reaches out to give him the bag, when suddenly Bernie's hand shakes out of his pocket, twisch-blade into Driver's gut.

Driver forcing a knife up to Bernie's throat. As we see only the shadows of both men, then the blade we hear pierce Bernie Rose's neck, sinking deeper and deeper. Driver hold the old man in his arms as he dies. Driver lays over the truck, blood seeping throught his jacket.

Driver lets the black gym bag, beside the Bernie Rose's death body. Driver climbs into the front seat, catching his breath, he sits there a moment as the time pases 30 seconds he seems lifeless, sheltering from the world outside, then he seems in peace. Then slowly he leans forward and turns on the ignition. As the engine cut to life.

The images fade. As Irene walks in the corridor, heading towards Drive's door, she kncks it, there is a long pause, there is no answer, she stays there for 10 seconds after that she give up the idea of see him again, but she left and turns as she closes her door, we Screenplay from the motion Picture. All rights reserved.

Flag for inappropriate content.Using it as a. His eyes are fixed in concentration, his body tensing only slightly as he lifts his foot off the gas and turns the wheel Driver's parked the car a hundred yards from the entrace.

Silver Impala Shannon leans into the window with a smile. Driver is in his car now, soft rock music playing on the radio. August plans to release more screencasts of Highland in action because Quote-Unquote Apps has removed the demo version from its site. Driver cruises cauously down the deserted streets.