Bad Things - R. K. Lilley - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Danika hasn't had an easy life. Being insanely. R. K. Lilley - (Tristan & Danika 01) Bad Things - dokument [*.pdf] Contents Title Page Dedication Blank Page Chapter One Chapter Two. 10 items BAD THINGS: Book one in the Tristan & Danika series by R.K. Lilley.

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Bad Things (Tristan & Danika, #1). by R.K. Lilley. ·. ··29, Ratings. Librarian's note: An alternate cover edition can be found hereDanika hasn't had. T + D = Trouble. Danika hasn't had an easy life. Being insanely attracted to bad boys has never helped make it easier. One look at Tristan, and every brain ce. Bad Things online pdfTo download now please click the link of the way they worked their way backtogether R.K. Lilley's writing is addictive.

James: Wear a skirt. It was an innocent enough request, from anyone but James perhaps, but from him, my breath caught in breathless anticipation. My mood soared as I got ready, excitement pulsing through me. He had plans for me; I just knew it. I tried not to be intimidated by my new wardrobe as I browsed through it for a skirt. The labels were things I never could have afforded on my own though, so it was hard for me not to dwell on the fact that I was letting James spend a fortune on me.

I knew it was silly, but somehow the clothing intimidated me even more than all of the diamond jewelry that he seemed to need to lavish on me. Yes, it was silly, but the fact was that I knew enough about clothes to have a clue what those labels were worth, whereas my knowledge on the price of jewelry was beyond negligible.

The clothing was all paired together into outfits. I donned my bra and panties, pulled the decadently soft fabric over my head, and fell instantly in love. I It was beyond comfortable, and actually looked great to boot. It hugged my curves in the most flattering way, without being the slightest bit tight. And unlike most of the clothing I usually tried on, it was made for my height, the proportions just right, not too short in either my torso or legs.

Apparently there was something to spending a fortune on clothing. My mouth curved and my heart warmed as I saw what James had done there. There were nothing but wedges and running shoes. My brow furrowed. The tags on all of the clothing had the same thing.

I reached back with a sigh, carefully trying to rip off the tag at my back without causing damage to the lovely dress. My brow furrowed as I saw the number listed on the tag. I studied the rows of shoeboxes, my eyes eventually finding a matching number there.

I sighed, my mouth twisting wryly, as I saw the system that had been set up. Part of me wanted to ignore her not so subtle suggestions and just wear whatever I felt like wearing, but she was a professional shopper, and I barely ever shopped. I decided gamely to give her recommendation a try. Why not? I opened the box to find a pair of yellow, Prada patent-leather wedges with a peep toe and a smart little leather bow.

I thought they were adorable. I put them on and found that Jackie knew her stuff. As a bonus, they were comfortable and easy to walk in. I went a little heavy with my eye makeup, going for a smoky eye, but I thought it worked. I was liberal with the black mascara, and went with my usual lip stain and soft pink gloss.

I was pleased with the end result. I had taken longer than usual with my makeup, but it had still only taken ten minutes, which gave me a solid ten minutes for my hair, which only needed a quick blow-dry. I gave myself a quick once over, noting that the haircut had been a very good idea for me. Straight blonde bangs now framed my face, bringing out my eyes until they were an almost startling, pale aquamarine.

I was running right on time when I heard a knock on the bedroom door. I opened the door, thinking that it had to be Marion. I was less than thrilled to look down at Jackie. Im not hitting on you, and I wont. What are you, like eighteen? Way too young for me. Im just stating facts.

Normally women dont appreciate other women as hot as you underfoot. I was glaring again. Im twenty-one, and Bev is my best friend. Ive been working for them for two years. He threw up his hands, giving me an apologetic smile. Im not trying to be a dick. It just surprised me that you were the nanny Jerry was telling me about. He gave me no hints that you were, well, hot. How old are you?

I asked him, still smarting from the too young comment. Thats not that old, I told him. I know. Just too old to be dating eighteen-year olds, or even twenty-one year olds. Frankly, though, Im bad with women my own age, too, when it comes to relationships, which is why I dont do them.

I couldnt help it. I had to ask.

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So what do you do? Brief, casual hookups. How about you? I shook my head, pursing my lips at him. I couldnt quite believe that we had jumped to this already. He was a man to be careful of, to be sure. I do relationships.

No exceptions. Never had a casual hookup in my life. He sighed, measuring some flour into the mixing bowl. Well, I guess that makes things less complicated. Well be friends, then. He shot me a sidelong smile that was downright irresistible. I thought that this was one of the strangest conversations Id ever had, being that we had just met.

Only, it didnt feel like wed just met. He spoke to me like hed known me forever, and it was hard to refuse anything he said in that low voice of his. I nodded, giving him my own, rather begrudging smile. Okay, friends, since well be living under the same roof for the next week.

Okay, then. My first job as your friend will be to show you how to make the best chocolate chip cookies in the world. I barely kept my composure when he used the mixer, and I watched his ripped arms vibrate with the movement of it. Did you catch that, Danika? I shook myself out of it, looking at his face. He shook his head at me, his smile widening. I found my eyes focusing on the shadow of a beard lining his jaw. Id never found the unshaven look so attractive before.

Youre a little troublemaker, he told me matter-of-factly, going back to his cookie dough. I asked, and I wasnt sad when he didnt respond. We didnt need to get into a conversation about Trouble. He spooned little balls of his dough onto the cookie sheet very precisely. He slid the pan into the oven, setting the timer.

Do you like to go out?

I couldnt seem to take my eyes off his hands. Go out? He dried his hands and approached me, stopping just short of my legs. Go out. Like to bars and clubs and parties. What do you like to do for fun? I opened my mouth to answer, but my mind was pretty blank. What did I do for fun? I kept busy, that was for sure, but was any of it strictly for fun? I swim with the boys a lot. And I walk the dogs. He blinked at me, and I wanted to smack my own forehead. I sounded like a weirdo, even to myself.

You swim with the boys and walk the dogs? When was the last time you went out? I mulled that over, quickly coming to the conclusion that I would not admit how long it had been since Id gone out. I was saved from having to even attempt to answer by the swarm of dogs that invaded the kitchen. They had all followed Bev into her room, but had apparently finished saying their hellos.

Dot moved between Tristan and me, letting out a little warning growl, and taking his place to guard me. Tristan studied the dogs, his hands moving to his hips as he took them in. Are you going to introduce me? I couldnt help it, my lip curled at him in a smirk. You want me to introduce you to the dogs? He shrugged, that easy smile of his in place.

If you dont mind. I pointed to Mango first. Thats Mango. Shell slobber on you, and get on top of you when youre sleeping, but shes the sweetest dog in the world.

He nodded, moving to stroke his hands over the big dog. She was putty in his hands. I pointed to the next dog, a little, black and white lhasa-apso. That little one is Pupcake. Shes the easy-going one, and the boys favorite. He had her rolling onto her back in seconds. I pointed to the spotted brown coon hound. That one is Coffeecup. Hes the youngest, and he and I are working through some issues. He laughed at the name, stroking the dog.

Coffeecup licked his face, and he didnt bat an eye. Son of a bitch. Dare I ask about the issues, or is it a touchy subject? Its touchy, I told him.

The wild dog was driving me up the wall bonkers lately, and I didnt want to explain all of the reasons why. I pointed at Dot, who was nuzzling into my dangling leg. This is Dot. Hes the guard dog of the bunch. Tristan nodded, bending down to pet the dog, his hand not an inch away from my leg. Shockingly, Dot let him, his tail wagging, no snarl in sight, close proximity to me and all.

What the fuck? How did you do that? Dot never takes to strangers. He wiggled his fingers at me. Havent I told you? I have magic hands. He straightened, pulling a pack of cards out of his pocket. I couldnt believe I hadnt noticed them.

Id been enjoying how he fit into his jeans rather intently He shuffled the cards. I could tell by the way he handled them that he practiced a lot. His hands were big, which made the deft movements of his fingers more impressive, and more distracting. He fanned the cards out, smiling at me. Pick a card, any card. I arched a brow at him sardonically. Are we really doing this? Card tricks? He nodded, his smile widening. See, skeptics are my favorite. So much more room to blow your mind.

I rolled my eyes, but I picked a card, extracting it carefully, keeping it turned away from him. I almost rolled my eyes again when I saw that it was the Queen of Hearts. I want a new card, I told him. He just laughed, shaking his head. Just memorize it and put it back. I did, making sure he couldnt see it.

He started shuffling the cards again, not even glancing down. Ive seen this trick before, I told him. His brow furrowed, and cards started shooting from his hands, going everywhere. You have? I nodded, uncertain if throwing the cards everywhere had been part of the trick.

He whistled loudly. Mango, bring her the card. I glanced down at the dogs, totally lost. What the? Mango had a card in her mouth, and I bent down to her, holding a hand out. Dont eat cards, silly. Thats even worse than a stick of butter I trailed off as I pulled the Queen of Hearts out of her mouth.

I straightened, thrown for a loop. I raised my wide eyes to Tristans smug ones. How on earth did you do that? He wiggled his fingers at me again. His magic hands. Jazz hands are hardly an answer, I told him. That had him doubled over laughing, and me smiling, because I already loved the sound of his laugh. Seriously, how did you do that? How in the world did you have Mango in on the trick? Magic hands is the only answer youll ever get out of me.

So, can you still say youve seen that trick before? I just shook my head, trying hard to figure out what all he had to have done to pull that off.

Those are somefun dog names. He startled me out of my thoughts. The boys named all of them except for Mango. I thought they did a pretty good job. Theyre funny kids. I turned my head as Bev called my name, approaching the kitchen with a smile. She turned that smile on Tristan as she got close. She was a tall, slender woman, with cornflower blue eyes and reddish blonde hair. She was forty-eight, but I didnt think she looked it, her pale skin showing just the faintest signs of aging.

Her features were attractive, her figure trim, and she was always dressed impeccably. Im so sorry, Danika, she told me. I didnt realize this was a friend of yours. I feel so rude, storming off without introducing myself. I thought, well, I thought he was another of Jerrys projects. She swept her hand in the air, as though to wave the idea away.

I didnt think Id felt so shitty about myself in years as I did staring at the apologetic curve of her lips. But anyway, she turned to Tristan, holding out her hand. Im Bev. Tristan didnt hesitate to smile back, taking her hand. Bev looked at me. Jerry tells me you met him last semester. Why is this the first Im hearing of it? Bevs smile was all open charm. No one in the world would have guessed she was a lawyer by that smile. I shrugged, feeling defensive and guilty as hell.

Nothing to tell. Hes just a buddy. Hell only be staying for a week, I swear. She waved that off. Dont worry about it. Stay as long as you like, Tristan. Any friend of Danikas is a friend of mine. So where and how exactly did you guys meet?

We had a class together, I answered, shooting Tristan a glance. What class? Psychology, I threw out. English, Tristan said at the same time. I shot him a very unfriendly look for contradicting me. He grinned at Bev, totally unfazed. We had two classes together, actually. Danika was nice enough to share her notes with me. Bev shot me a fond look. She is meticulous.

I smiled back at her, vowing to myself that I would never lie to her again, no matter the reason. Damn Jerry. I was just trying to get Danika to go out to a club with me tonight, Tristan told Bev. I blinked at him, wondering what the hell he was doing. She seems to think that walking the dogs is what a twenty-one year old should be doing for fun. I think she needs to get out more.

Will you help me convince her? Bev looked at me, her brow furrowing.

You know, Danika, I cant remember the last time you went out. Tristan has a point. Youre twenty-one. You should be having more fun. If looks could kill, Tristan would have dropped dead on the spot. Hed managed to get my Bev on his side in under a minute.

I couldnt quite believe it. He just smiled back at me, unfazed by my look of death. Its settled then. Well go out tonight. Theres this new club at the Cavendish casino. Its great. Youll love it. I glared at him for a solid minute before I spoke. You just want me to drive your sorry ass. You probably dont even have a car. I felt a little silly as both Tristan and Bev began to laugh. You two seem to know each other well, Bev gasped. How have I never heard a word about Tristan before this, Danika?

I shook my head, but Tristan spoke before I could. He put his hand over his heart, giving me a heartstopping smile.

That hurts my feelings, Danika. Dont you ever talk about me? He was enjoying this little charade, but I sure wasnt. Nope, I said curtly. Oh, Danika, you have to go out. I insist. Go have a good time. I dont need any help with the boys tonight. I grimaced. I have things to do. Like what? Tristan asked. Well, for one, I need to walk the dogs. Lets go do that now. Ill come with. I rolled my eyes, fully realizing that I was acting like a ten-year old. Fine, but you have to walk Coffeecup.

He shrugged. Sounds great. And I have to clean the pool, I told him. Oh, dont worry about it, Bev said. Ill help, Tristan said, being strangely persistent. And I have to finish the laundry. Tristan shrugged. Well get started after the cookies are done. You dont have to do that today, Danika, Bev tried again. I can get to the laundry myself tonight, and the pool can wait. You could use a night off. Well knock those chores off in an hour, and shell still have plenty of time to get ready, Tristan said.

The oven timer started to beep, and he went to check on his cookies. Bev and I just watched him, not saying a word, as he put on oven mitts and slid the cookie sheet out of the oven. It was a strange and riveting sight; a ripped man at home in the kitchen.

Baking fucking cookies. This man was so much Trouble He studied the delicious smelling cookies for a long moment, then gave me a sidelong smile. A perfect batch. You two have to try these. I curled my lip at him. Im watching my figure. His eyes flicked shamelessly over my body. And youre doing a damn fine job of it, but you can eat a cookie. Who could turn that down? Bev asked. Who indeed? I thought resentfully.

He was too bossy for my taste, or at least, I told myself that. So what chore do we need to tackle first? Tristan asked, while he slid a few still hot cookies from the sheet and onto a plate. Dogs, I said absently, still distracted by his ease in the kitchen. He nodded, bringing the plate over to us. The cookies will be cool enough to eat in a minute. Youre eating one, and then well walk the dogs. I reached for a cookie, completely enticed by the smell.

I was usually really good about dieting since I had to maintain my figure for dancing, but even I couldnt resist the lure of his divine smelling. He swatted my hand away. I said one minute, Danika. I glared at him for at least a solid minute.

He only smiled. He offered the plate to Bev first. She took one, thanking him. I folded my arms over my chest, and just looked at him. I was trying hard to talk myself into refusing to eat a cookie, just to spite him, the bossy son of a bitch. He flashed a dimple at me, his golden eyes filled with mirth, and had the utter nerve to grab one with his own hand and hold it up to my lips.

I took a bite, the smell and his charm irresistible to me. I closed my eyes, groaning as I chewed. I heard Bev making a similar noise. The man was not all talk. His cookies were as good as he claimed. It was just the perfect flavor combination of salty and sweet, and the texture was perfect, not too gooey, but melt in your mouth soft.

I barely had to chew. Finally, after taking my time with the first bite, I opened my eyes to look at him. He was still smiling at me, his hand still holding the cookie to my mouth for another bite, but there was heat in his eyes now. I grabbed the cookie out of his hand, taking another bite. He nabbed one for himself, taking a huge bite. I watched him chew, transfixed by the hard line of his jaw as it worked. Finally, I made myself look away, finishing my cookie with slow, savoring bites.

The boys rushed the kitchen right as I was finishing, and Tristan handed them cookies and paper towels, introducing himself. He was at ease with the kids, and they seemed to take to him instantly, just like everyone else had. The man was like a charm grenade. I gathered the dogs leashes from the laundry room, slipping into flip-flops and heading to the front door. Dot saw the leashes first, and rushed to the door, tail wagging.

Bev had a huge backyard, but the dogs still loved their walks.

I got them all ready, intending to leave whether Tristan joined me or not. I didnt need help, and I didnt quite understand his need to keep me company for my chores. He caught up to me as I was slipping out the door, holding it open for me. He held a hand out to me as we got outside, and I handed him Coffeecup and Pupcakes leashes. We were just moving onto the sidewalk when he asked, So tell me about your issues with Coffeecup. I sighed. Why on earth do you care about my dog issues?

Because Im curious, and I think its adorable that you have dog issues. That drew a small smile, and an answer, out of me. Hes rambunctious.

Bad Things - R. K. Lilley

Hes made it his mission in life to try to rush out the front door every time I have to open it for any reason. Hes gotten loose in the neighborhood three times this week. Its a quiet neighborhood. Its not like there are cars speeding around here. Its gated. Whats the big deal? Its a big deal because of the chicken lady. That surprised a laugh out of him. The chicken lady? I laughed too, knowing how ridiculous it soundedhow ridiculous it was. The crazy chicken lady. He had to stop walking, he was laughing so hard.

You have to tell me this story. What exactly is a crazy chicken lady? I shook my head, but I told him. Well, theres a community stable in the center of the neighborhood. Residents can rent out stalls. Most of the stalls are used for horses, but this one lady uses them for her prize chickens.

He arched a brow. He had a way about him that was so hard for me to resist, especially the way he gave me every ounce of his attention with single-minded focus. I drank up that attention as though Id been starving for it.

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R.K. Lilley

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Being insanely attracted to bad boys has neverhelped make it easier. One look at Tristan, and every brain cell she possessed went up in smoke. Thisman was trouble with a capital T. It was a given. She knew better. Bad boys were bad. Especially for her. Considering her history, itwas crazy to think otherwise. So why did crazy have to feel so damn fine? For as long as she could remember, Danika had been focused on the future withsingle-minded purpose.

Tristan came along and taught her everything there was toknow about letting go, and living in the present. She fell, hard and deep. Ofcourse, that only made her impact with the ground that much more devastating. Bad Things is about Tristan and Danika, and their train wreck of a love story. Thisseries can be read as a standalone, or with the Up in the Air series. Bad Things is a full length novel, at roughly , words. This book is intended for ages 18 and up.

ReviewsI loved this book!! It made me swoon, squee, and swear which pretty much is theperfect mix, right? Another winner from R. Fun, flirty, and bossy with a devilish charming that couldget just about anyone to do just about anything, he was Trouble with a capital Tand just what Danika was trying to avoid.

He was ripped, tattooed and baked thehell of chocolate chip cookies. Oh, and did I mention the dimples yet? I had to ask. Brief, casual hookups. How about you? No exceptions. Never had a casual hookup in my life. Off the charts, scorchingchemisty! Their banter had me smiling almost non-stop.I loved them, and though they werent comfortable, they were hot, and I could dance in them fine, which was all that mattered.

We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. Something bad happened to Tristan's family member, which was really, really sad and really, really made me cry. That scene when Danika was using her B. He realizes what an idiot he has been and that he needs Danika. He sighed, measuring some flour into the mixing bowl.