Omniform is a free-to-use computer program that allows you to convert a variety of different word-processing formats. This means if you currently have a PDF or Word Perfect file, you can easily convert it over into a Word file. This allows you to take files from just about any. If you are still able to run Omniform then you can install the FormDocs Conversion utility on the same computer (i.e. you will have Omniform and Formdocs. Solution: If you want to convert to fillable PDF - you can do that through OmniForm Premium. which will instantly convert them with fill fields in.

How To Convert Omniform To Download

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After scanning/creating a form from OmniForm and saving as a Microsoft Word ( RTF) file, the form does not look the same in Microsoft Word and. OmniForm enables you to quickly turn paper forms into digital forms, or to create new digital forms from scratch. OmniForm comes with a complete set of . Discover answers on How to Convert an OmniForm File. Post you answers or Start the OmniForm program and open the OmniForm file you want to convert. A: Go to and download OpenOffice. Its free.

But that was over 20 years ago, when manual processes for scanning forms, rekeying data, and printing filled-out forms were the forms management norm.

A lot has changed since then.

File Extension OFM

And OmniForm has passed its support expiration date—and so has Windows XP, the last operating system to support the software. Today, organizations are looking for a solution that will help their forms management processes be more efficient.

So, how do you go about replacing? There are three key areas to consider when looking for a replacement.

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However, there is still too much manual effort involved in the process. For instance, you would need to set up an ODBC connection in order to take advantage of the pre-filling option. The next time a form is pre-filled, the information might remain out of date.

On top of all that, ODBC data retrieval time is painfully slow. You might even be stuck waiting for ODBC to transfer the data just as long as you would have been re-keying the data. Streamline Data Entry Streamlining data entry is essential to making sure your fillable forms solution is efficient.

One-way and two-way matching capabilities are an easy way to boost efficiency in your fillable forms. Integrated forms can automatically pre-fill—without waiting for a slow ODBC retrieval.

Replace OmniForm Fillable Forms with Modern Solutions

And when the forms are integrated with your systems, the data can be verified to ensure complete accuracy. With two-way matching, the forms can update data back in your system if it changes.

That way, you can ensure the data will be accurate the next time you need it. This is especially true for organizations who employ delivery drivers, field service workers, and salespeople who need to take orders on the go. Mobile forms are not an option with OmniForm. Employees on the go are left with no choice but to have the customer or vendor fill out a paper-based form.

Convert paper forms to digital, design from scratch and manage the data collection digitally with no programming experience. Or, you can publish and collect data on eOmniForm.

With our Filler data manager,form data is automatically filled from previously entered data, digital signatures are supported, attachments can be added, and calculations, field validations are automatic. Form databases are automatically created for each form for easy data analysis.

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Plus, you can import and populate parts of your form from other databases. You can search and sort your form data to find the vital information you want. Included are 20 data management Fillers for immediate form deployment.

OmniForm Premium is the best way to stop filling forms by hand and re-keying form data. Omniform Premium Latest Version!

Works with All Windows versions Users choice! Disclaimer Omniform Premium is a product developed by Autoforms. This site is not directly affiliated with Autoforms.

All trademarks, registered trademarks, product names and company names or logos mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.It can also extract text from PDF files and be run from the command line.

Simple to use, OmniFormat "watches" a folder for image files.

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Forms are so easy to create! Step 2 Launch the Omniform software you have installed on the computer. The OFM format contains digital signatures, attachments, field validation, calculations, and automatic form fill from previously entered data.

OmniForm Premium

For a full list of supported formats please see our FAQ page. And when the forms are integrated with your systems, the data can be verified to ensure complete accuracy. Forms are so easy to create!