Is it really possible to improve your life simply by changing your penmanship? naive to doubt that you couldn't just change your handwriting and change your. DOWNLOAD EBOOK: CHANGE YOUR HANDWRITING, CHANGE YOUR LIFE. - 30 DAY WORKBOOK JOURNAL FOR KIDS BY BART A. BAGGETT PDF. Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life by Vimala Rodgers - When we purposefully change our handwriting, we introduce attitudes that can improve our .

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This books (Change Your Handwriting: Change Your Life [READ]) Made by Vimala Rodgers About Books none To Download Please Click. Download Download Change Your Handwriting: Change Your Life | PDF books PDF Online Download Here. Can you change your life just by changing your handwriting? Yes, according to Vimala. Rodgers, author of the new interactive learning kit, Transform Your Life.

The most common response is this: But you haven't seen MY handwriting; it's absolutely atrocious! Atrocious is the adjective I hear most often; illegible is the second most popular. My reply is standard and completely sincere: There is no such thing as good or bad handwriting; rephrase your description and call your handwriting casual.

People laugh, shoulders relax, and when I ask to see what they've written, although they may hesitate at first, they hand me the piece of paper that's filled with their casual script. I don't mention the attitudes I see reflected in their script; they already know what they are.

Instead, I point out a few letter formations that they might consider writing differently. I explain a little about the letter and why they might want to modify it - then I end with the comment I use to begin each professional presentation: Don't believe anything I tell you about the letters; belief can change in a thought.

To discover the transformational power of these letters, pick up your pen and begin to inscribe them. Once you've done this consistently, you will know It's very exciting! Questions similar to this often follow: What will happen if I do as you say, and begin to cross all my t's on top - or stop putting inner loops in circle letters? What difference will it make if I stop writing in all printed capital letters? My reply to any question like this, again, is direct: I don't know what will happen, because I don't live in your brain If the writer is curious enough and wants to know more, I go on to describe how the subconscious mind works.

Since you, dear reader, may be curious as well. Let me explain. God makes things so simple Look around. Each of the Vimala Letters is designed to access soul-based energy.

In scientific language, what happens on the physical level is called cortical remapping or neuroplasticity. In plain English, as you change the way you write, you are telling your mind how to think, the subconscious obeys, and the neurological patterns in the brain realign themselves.

I was born with an utter fascination with the letters of the alphabet.

Through the years, what held me back from openly expressing my love of the Alphabet was ridicule. How do you know?

It isn't in any book. I've never heard of such a thing.

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Boy, that's really dumb. Yet in my heart of hearts I knew that the way we shape the letters is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves.

If something has been holding you back from fully alive expressing YOUR fascination, there's never been a time like now. Read on In simple terms, our writing patterns are clear indicators of how we feel about ourselves. They are a measure of our self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-reliance; they indicate our fears as well as our unique abilities.

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Self-image is the lens through which we see life, and handwriting patterns mirror the components of the prescription in that lens. Although the hand -- or teeth or toes -- holds the pen, it is the brain that causes it to move as it does. When we write, each movement of the pen not only reflects the attitudes we have about ourselves, it reinforces them.

Each time we press the pen to the paper to create a letter formation, connect letters, or shape a margin, we are declaring, "This is who I am. Most of us have seen handwriting that caused us to gasp, laugh, or feel a certain way. Signatures especially. At one time or another you may have shown an unknown writer's handwriting or signature to someone and said, "Look at this!

Essentially, handwriting is a graphic representation of our interpretation of life, indicating how we feel about ourselves and how this feeling affects our view of those around us. Graphology Graphology, also called handwriting analysis, is the science that correlates handwriting patterns with personality traits.

Professional graphologists are trained in the interpretation of handwriting patterns and their relationship to the personality. Their expertise lies in drawing up a list of personality traits based on a thorough study of a handwriting sample. Graphotherapy Graphotherapy is the behavioral science that invites the writer to take pen in hand and change self-defeating aspects of the personality by altering specific strokes in the handwriting.

Graphotherapists are trained in graphology and have additional training in psychology. Their expertise is to guide the client in altering handwriting patterns as a means of removing negative thought habits and replacing them with positive, self-supportive ones. By changing writing patterns we simultaneously reconfigure the neuropathways in the brain that record our self-image.

Change your handwriting, change your life

Writing Systems I have been fascinated with handwriting patterns since before I could read; as far back as I can remember, the letters of the alphabet have been a special source of intrigue and discovery for me. When as a young teen I took on the study of interpreting handwriting patterns, I ended up doing my own empirical research as I found that most books on graphology were either outdated or did not agree with one another. Through my own studies I discovered that Truth occurs not from belief but only through experience.

From studying pictures of scratchings on ancient cave walls to papyrus rolls and mysterious alphabetical etchings such as Ugaritic script, Akkadian cuneiform, Linear A, and Linear B, my interest in handwriting gained momentum. As I investigated writing systems and phonetic alphabets from around the world I became intrigued at the cross-cultural patterns among them.

I found that it was not just the Hebrew or Greek Cabala or the Germanic runes that ordained a special meaning to each alphabetical letter, but that countless traditions around the world did the same thing; the Roman alphabet was no exception.

Then there is Sanskrit. The more deeply I study this incredible language, the foundation of all Indo-European languages, the more spellbound I become by the ancient alphabet in which it is written called Devanagari or script of the gods.

The Sanskrit language itself, known as Devavani or language of the gods, is not only a deep well of spiritual knowledge, it is also mathematically and tonally precise. For now, however, the Roman alphabet remains my touchstone, for it is an amazingly rich acculturation of numerous traditions. Besides, I am passionately in love with the English language.Boy, that's really dumb.

Yes, it works. Successfully reported this slideshow.

Besides, I am passionately in love with the English language. Ah, the visionary mind of a teen! Book details Author: He or she will then recommend the stroke changes to you and give you instructions as to how to go about your writing exercises.